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MACLA / Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana

MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana is an inclusive contemporary arts space grounded in the Chicano/Latino experience that incubates new visual, literary and performance art in order to engage people in civic dialogue and community transformation.

Founded in 1989 as the result of a broad community mobilization in the City of San Jose and nationwide on behalf of multicultural arts, MACLA has promoted, since its inception, a vision of arts programming as a vehicle for civic dialogue and social equity. A hybrid urban arts space located in downtown San Jose and rooted in the Chicano/Latino experience, it intersects many communities, cultures, and aesthetic approaches. From this genesis in advocacy and activism, MACLA has evolved into a community-based arts organization identified in 2003 by Cultural Initiatives Silicon Valley as Santa Clara County’s “most practiced and mature site of cultural-citizenship-building through participatory arts.”

More than 30,000 children, youth, young adults, families and community residents participate in the fifty programs MACLA produces each year in four core program tracts.  These are Visual Arts, Performance and Literary Arts, Youth Arts Education, and Community Development Through the Arts. The cross-pollination of Latino and non-Latino audiences has been a distinctive feature of MACLA since its inception. The patrons, audiences, and participants are 70% Latino and 30% non-Latino. A large part of the programs are geared towards creating opportunities for interaction between traditional audiences and new art forms and emerging artists.


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DMCStudio at MACLA

Program description

Building upon a long history of neighborhood youth arts programming, MACLA teamed up in 2011 with The Black Eyed Peas Peapod Foundation and the Adobe Foundation to start the Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy (PAYVA). This model enriched MACLA’s original platform by increasing its regional and national visibility as well as providing additional resources for teaching, production, and performance.

This year, continuing on the success of its three years as PAYVA, MACLA is pleased to launch the brand-new DMC Studio at MACLA. DMC Studio is a free arts education program in San Jose, CA, dedicated to mentoring Silicon Valley youth (ages 13-18) in 21st century skill development through multimedia production. The highly selective, year-round program focuses on a range of disciplines, including professional video and sound production, visual and performing arts, and photography. Summer and after-school workshops range from individual to group-based projects and are taught by experienced industry professionals in a state-of-the art studio environment.

In addition, the studio provides youth with a venue for the exploration of relevant social, personal and community issues. It encourages youth to engage in community dialogue, develop their artistic voices, become cultural innovators, and discover how art is used for social change. Because of its latest digital technology offerings, variety of workshops, and multidisciplinary, hands-on approach to digital literacy, DMC Studio provides youth with artistic, technical, and practical work skills and experience to prepare them for college and beyond.

Finally, and also building upon a long history of community arts engagement, DMC Studio is pleased to announce that it is open to digital media producers and artists with professional recording/filming studio needs.


Booking / scheduling contact

   (408) 998-2783 x 24

Program detail
Artistic discipline: Dance, Literary Arts, Media (film, video), Multi-discipline, Music, Storytelling, Visual Arts
Cultural Origin: Latino, Multicultural
Program type: Field Trip, Performance, Student Showcase Opportunities, Workshops & Classes
Population served: Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
Subject: Fine Arts
Bilingual: Yes
Available dates:

Our availability follows the San Jose school district academic calendar.

Available times:

Open Lab Drop-In Schedule Monday-Friday from 4pm-7pm.

Length of program: Fiscal school year
Space / technical requirements:

No experience or equipment needed. We provide industry standard production equipment!

Fees / Ticketing:

The DMCStudio at MACLA also offers customized paid classes for multiple institutions providing arts education through intensive workshops that teach 21st century skills. The multi-disciplinary courses can be taught on or offsite and include: Music Production, Video Production, Photography, Hip-Hop and Spoken Word. Price varies per discipline and number of students.