Arts Grants for Santa Clara County Teachers

The ArtsEdConnect program awards grants to teachers and classrooms in Santa Clara County to support and encourage arts education in our schools. ArtsEdConnect is managed by SVCREATES.

The ArtsEdConnect partnership is pleased to announce Arts Education grants through the generosity of the County of Santa Clara and the Warmenhoven Family Foundation. There are two grant cycles – Fall and Spring. Grant applications for school year 2019-2020 are now closed. For the 2020-2021 school year we will have only one grant cycle opening on November 30th. Please check back on November 30th to apply.

Grants are available for teachers to take students to performances or museums, bring artists to the classroom, or help with student performances and special, interesting arts projects that local teachers can create for their students. Grants of up to $250 per teacher are available for the purchase of arts-related materials for special class art projects.

Application Information

  • Only teachers in Santa Clara County public schools are eligible to apply
  • No applications for field trips or events outside of Santa Clara County will be accepted
  • Only one grant per school year per class – if your class received a grant in our Fall cycle then you will not be eligible to apply for the Spring cycle
  • Applications from two or more teachers at the same school for the same project (grade level projects or multi-class trips/projects) should be made together on the same application
  • Applicants must have approval from their local school principal to apply
  • Regular art supplies will not be considered for grants and material grants for special projects will be capped at $250 per application
  • Applicants will receive notice of approval/disapproval within 2-3 weeks of the grant cycle end date
  • ArtsEdConnect reserves the right to limit the number/amount of grants to any one school
  • Fall Grants have to be used in the school year that they are awarded. Spring Grants have to be used in the calendar year of the year granted. Grants may not be used for snacks, beverages or other non art related expenses

Application Procedures

  • Applicants must fill out the online application (click on “Apply For a Program Grant” button below) when grants are open
  • Applications must have an estimated budget broken down into categories such as transportation, admissions, artist fees, materials/supplies, other
  • Applications must include a brief (150 word) description of the purpose of the project/activity
  • Applications must also include a brief (150 word) description of the relationship of the project/activity to your curriculum and other in-class activities planned around the project

Want to find an arts agency to help with your plans? Our website has a whole list of them that you can access.

Grant Application Now Open!