What We Do

We award mini-grants to teachers who are “shopping” for creative opportunities for their students. ArtsEdConnect is a web-enabled “marketplace” for Silicon Valley teachers to access local arts education opportunities through a “qualitative matchmaking process.”

Who We Serve

We serve K-12 private and public school teachers and their students across Silicon Valley and the artists and organizations that we are “match making.”

Why It’s Important

Research concludes that engagement in arts and creativity sparks a passion for learning, fuels imagination, and builds relevant skills. ArtsEdConnect comes at a time when public funding for arts education is trending downward and helps to bridge that “opportunity gap” by increasing access to arts education and funding for teachers and their students.

What’s Been Done

  • Launched ArtsEdConnect site in 2012.
  • Secured Warmenhoven Family Foundation annual investment of $100,000
  • Awarded nearly $500,000 in mini-grants to teachers.
  • Provided arts education opportunities for about 4­­0,000 students.


OUR MISSION: To ignite investment and engagement in arts and creativity in Silicon Valley.


  • Raise the visibility of Silicon Valley arts and culture.
  • Grow investment in Silicon Valley arts and culture.
  • Increase participation in Silicon Valley arts, culture and creativity.
  • Build the capacity of Silicon Valley’s arts and culture ecosystem.

OUR FOCUS: Our resources are focused on participatory arts, cultural heritage, children’s creativity, placemaking, and innovative ideas, partnerships and art forms.


  • Help build a relevant, accessible and sustainable arts and culture ecosystem.
  • Create a sense of community and place.
  • Celebrate and promote arts and culture.
  • Unleash joy, beauty and creativity.
  • Enhance the quality and value of Silicon Valley arts and culture.

For more information, visit: www.svcreates.org.

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